Do you have any questions or concerns about our Beard Ambassador program? Here you’ll find the most frequently asked questions with answers.

Q: What do you require from a Beard Ambassador?

All we ask is that you represent the Bearded Gentleman lifestyle, be a true model to society and demonstrate class within your community. We take pride in relationships which is why we’re offering our exclusive products.

Q: Is there a cost?

Ambassadors pay a small service charge £2.99 per month. This covers any free product samples & gift packages we’ll be sending out bimonthly.

Q: Can I cancel?

Yes, cancel anytime via PayPal. No restrictions. 

Q: What products will I receive?

We’ll be sending out selections of our signature beard care range, along with new product releases. All exclusive for our Ambassador team, bimonthly.

Q: How was I nominated?

You was targeted by our ambassador program on Instagram. 

Q: Can BEARDED VILLAINS join the Beard Ambassador program?

Yes. We welcome the support from the BV brotherhood! We’re a global brand-specialist in beard care products. We don’t conflict with your obligations. Please submit if you wish to continue.

Q: I don’t live in the UK can I still join?

Yes. We have a popular network Worldwide, and believe you’ll be a great value to Aireyys. Please join us.

Q: Can I share my unique coupon code?

Yes, get as many people as you can to use your unique coupon code. Every time your unique coupon code is applied we’ll send you a matching order absolutely free.

Q: When will I get my confirmation email?

Immediately after submission. Please allow 24 Hours for coupon activation to complete. 

Q: How do I get featured on Instagram?

Tag us in your photos using hashtags #TheDarkHorse #TheDarkHorseBeardClub

Q: How can I start making money? 

Ambassadors have access to product packages 60% below retail value and sell for great commission profit.

Q: Do we ship to your Country?

Yes. We ship Worldwide.


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